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World Travel Professionals are one of Australia’s most successful mid sized travel companies with specialty operations in areas of travel including Corporate, Holiday, Space, and Conference, Incentives, Meetings and Events.

They were one of the world’s first Accredited Space Agencies for the incredible new Virgin Galactic project and have offices across the country in key business areas as well as in some of the most remote places which they service through their advanced technical services capabilities.

Our project was the major redesign of their ‘World Travel Professionals Travel Portal’ that enables organisations and account managers to tailor the best solution for their clients and companies unique travel requirements.  The project included a full UI/UX update with our goal being to develop a next generation mobile optimised portal.

The process included overhauling the existing user interface and applying new forward thinking responsive design features. The portal was also designed with a simple branding personalisation tool so companies could customise their own Travel Portals with their company logo (see examples for Chase, Mission Australia, and Toll below).





A data analysis project identified several features that became end-functionality; including automatic flight warnings and terrorism notifications. In the UX design process the structure and usability of the forms was of high priority to ensure they were easy to complete and all users could identify primary and secondary fields. The forms did this by guiding users with a progress and completion level indicator.



Pusher approached the project with a large upfront UX review delivering a considered restructure of the navigation and page hierarchy. Based on ‘most important’ and ‘most frequent’ functions performed at different access levels we then redesigned the user-interface and produced a suite of both desktop and mobile wireframes to our design team.




These wireframes further guided our UI focused design in which controls from Semantic UI framework and elements such as icons, colour status indicators, notifications and tooltips were used applied to ensure modern and intuitive guided templates.

Pusher approached the large number of screens within the Travel Portal in a building block fashion reducing the number of final screens by producing unique but ‘modular’ components that could then be lifted and dropped into each template during the development phase to streamline design and complete the portal within the planned timeframe.


by: pusher