Following the launch of Smirnoff’s outdoor and POS advertising campaign, ‘Classics Remixed’, Pusher was commissioned to create content for their digital channel (and national TV) to help swing their target market into trialing their new product.

Pusher created an animated TVC for use on the parent brand website and as a downloadable mobile ring tone. This content was developed within a tight 2 week production period, in a tightly orchestrated process. Supplied with a graphic still, Pusher first developed a range of scenes that linked heavily with the key concepts of winter, nature, music and revolutionary Russia. The idea was to build a piece with classic imagery that had in some way been ‘remixed.’

As the spot hinged around one long very dynamic camera move, style frames were developed in time with animatics. Once this was blocked out in 3D using Maya, the piece was roughly compiled and supplied as a rough cut. From here the process was divided into several parts. One team worked exclusively on the end sequence, which involved the rotation of a photo-real 3D glass, and another worked on all the various elements that would make up the rest of the commercial. Every attempt was made to expand the flat black and white feel by utilising 3D objects and moves to add depth and life.

Once the rough edit was compiled and approved, Sydney band Sound Casino’s original track for the TVC was ‘remixed’ into the edit. With the various sections rendered and composited, all that was left was a final edit and colour grade to complete the process.

The end spot linked seamlessly to Smirnoff’s print and outdoor campaign in visual style, which led to an increased media buy for free to air and pay TV networks.