Northern Territory Croc Selfie

Northern Territory Croc Selfie

Kinect Experience


Tourism NT and Darwin International Airport were looking to collaborate on a project that would provide a greater sense of welcome and arrival for domestic and international visitors, while also using the airport space to provide an NT branding platform to engage, entertain and inspire visitors as they first stepped off the plane or were waiting for their luggage.

The technology and content needed to support TNT strategic themes and audience types and showcase the range of things to do in the wet, the dry and during events season while capturing user data to feed into CRM and use for re-marketing purposes to encourage longer stays, regional dispersal, to increase spending and to endorse the Territory as a visitor destination through social media.

Tourists were also arriving with the hope to catch a photo with the unique but sometimes dangerous wildlife. Many were potentially unaware of ‘Be Crocwise’ signage that warned travellers of the crocodiles inhabiting the Northern Territory waterways.

Our solution was to create a monstrous interactive experience with 3 giant touchscreens made into a 5 metre wide, 2.5 metre tall installation. Microsoft Kinect motion sensors and a hidden camera were built into the installation along with speakers in the ceiling above.

As you stand in front of the screens you’re instructed to ‘Jump’ – triggering the crocodile to leap out of the water and the Kinect camera to snap your picture and composite it with the photo of the croc.

Your ‘Croc Selfie’ then appears on the big screen with your unique URL. You can also take a photo with your camera phone, or access your Croc Selfie by entering your email address and selecting an NT region that you’re planning to visit. You are then emailed a personalised travel itinerary along with a ‘Be Crocwise’ message.

Following the crocodile encounter, users can explore the different NT regions by stepping into different sections of the floor map. Motion tracking senses your location on the map then plays a 60sec video featuring highlights and top experiences of that region. Once the video has finished the user can choose to navigate to another region and watch another video or request a 7-day regional itinerary that’s emailed directly to the user.


by: pusher