Cc’s Stare Challenge

Cc’s Stare Challenge


CC’s Corn Chips wanted to target teen males. The idea needed to support the TV spot, which featured a pretty girl staring at a guy on a train.

Pusher launched a digital experience that allowed players to battle hot chicks in a staring competition through their webcams. Players were challenged to stare directly into the chick’s eyes as she winked, blew kisses, and smashed piñatas with a rolling pin.

Eye-tracking motion sensors were built into the back-end to disqualify players if they looked away and Facebook Connect allowed players to post results and challenge their friends.

15,000 players accepted personalised invites to the competition, with over 75% sticking with the game for more than a minute (each challenge was typically 10 to 15 seconds long). The prizeless campaign returned an additional 12,000 Facebook fans with a 450% increase in engagement with post comments. The winner stared for 77 minutes without moving.



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