United Mates of America

United Mates of America


Every month, Flight Centre promotes a different global destination to its Facebook followers. When the USA came up, we were given the challenge of creating a social media campaign that would spark sharing and comment. Inspired by the diversity of experiences the US has to offer, we created United Mates of America – where people were challenged to tag the friends they thought would be perfect for the range of the adrenalin, shopping and dining challenges the winning group would complete during their 5 day road trip across the USA.

United Mates of America was Flight Centre’s most effective social campaign ever.

The campaign saw an overall 40% lift in engagement when measured against previous months promotions, this exceeded campaign objective by 60%.

A major highlight of the campaign was the launch post, using the central campaign mechanic of inviting your best travel mate along for the chance to win, we saw some extremely high response rates.

The responses were so rapid and high volume meaning we could stop any paid media support thanks to strong organic reach from all campaign posts and content.





by: pusher