30th birthday

30th birthday


Dreamworld was losing ground to a competitive theme-park and required an inspirational and exciting content driven campaign to increase there digital footprint and site traffic.

Pusher created the 30th Birthday campaign which included a new website, eCommerce and email marketing platform, a new library of exclusive content and promotions that generated user created content. To ensure genuine fan engagement we cast a range of real tourists in thrilling ‘face-down’ and ‘poit-of-view’ video content. This content was then optimising and repurposed for the site, for YouTube, Facebook and for G-force controllable video Flash banners that also allowed you to choose your rider, and point of view.

To amplify the nostalgic campaign across social we then built an online ‘Memories’ time-capsule and incentivised fans to dig out old photos, videos and memories and upload them up onto the site. We also put our social influencer identification tools to work to source Jordan Janson (the Bieber of Queensland) as our new ride ambassador.

Starting with a steady 45,000, we’re now close to 340,000 fans and one of the largest and most engaged communities in Australia. We have increased video views on the Dreamworld YouTube channel from 50,000 to now near 1 million.