What Does Facebook Timeline + new Interest Lists Mean For Brands?

What Does Facebook Timeline + new Interest Lists Mean For Brands?

Last week, after Facebook finally rolled out Timeline for Pages, a bunch of us in the Pusher office, and across the interworldwideweb, were indignant: “What do you mean, no-call-to-action-on-the-cover-photo-only-pin-for-seven-days-can’t-make-a-like-gate-BALLS!?” we said*, “Now what do we tell our clients?”

Of course, we soon calmed down. Timeline means a deeper, richer story-telling opportunity for brands. More show, less tell: a more engaging on-brand experience for the consumer.

Now, Facebook has announced Interest Lists, an obvious grab at part of Twitter’s appeal. So what does this mean, and what does it mean in conjunction with what we already know about Timeline?

To explain, I’m going to ask you to imagine you’re me. Your interests include (like all other 20-somethings): indie music and pretending to like things your nanna used to do (you know, knitting, pickling herrings … reading). You follow many Pages on Facebook related to these interests. Now, finally, you can group these Pages into categories (Interest Lists) so your news feed becomes less of a visual assault. The thing is, you will only look at these Interest Lists when you have a burning desire to, and even then you won’t have much time so you will only click on what you think is best/most relevant/most cool.

This, combined with Timeline, means two key things for brands:

A greater imperative to post well-curated content – This is a no brainer. If your content is appearing in a feed with other similar content, it has to be the smartest, the most relevant, and the best looking. And having this sort of content is only going to have positive spillover for the way your Timeline looks and feels.

An opportunity to be perceived as trusted experts in your field/industry – This is big. If you do achieve the above, and you’re not just posting specifically about your brand, you gradually become a reputable source of information relating to your industry, which in turn builds trust and loyalty for your brand. And of course this too has spillover for Timeline, because the story you’re telling becomes richer.

What are your thoughts on the Timeline + Interest Lists combo, and the potential impact on brands? Throw your comment below.

*surely someone actually said that.