The Apple Watch has arrived

The Apple Watch has arrived

Our initial thoughts on the Apple Watch

The whispers began at 3.06pm on a Friday. Had someone resigned? Was the beer trolly out early? Did we win a pitch? No, the first Apple Watch had entered the building. A few people in the office have put orders in but this was the first to arrive. Justin was wearing it nonchalantly as he talked to a copywriter. Everyone who walked past him had a look. Only a few asked him about it, everyone else obviously playing it cool.


A few Pushers went into the Apple Store this week to take it for a spin. An blue shirt gave us an over zealous pitch covering the various features and range of straps. The phrase that surprised me the most coming from the Apple retailer was ‘that one really looks great on you’. You see you don’t normally try electronics on but this is the age of the wearable and ‘trying on’ is the new test drive.

Our initial observation was that the two sizes are pretty similar. We expected the Apple watch to follow the established watch size ratio of large (easy to see, sporty, traditionally styled for men) and small (elegant and more styled for women) but the two sizes of Apple Watch are more like medium and medium-large – neither really giving you much screen real estate.

Secondly, the interface is pretty hot. Not only is the design of the watch meticulously crafted but the way you interact and navigate throughout the operating system is super intuitive. Like using iOS for the first time it will take you a few minutes to work it out but once you get it you’re all set.



Interestingly, our blue shirt was positioning it as an extension to the iPhone. Unlike the iPad which initially struggled to position its value, the Apple Watch has a default use – to show you the time, it is, as the name states, a watch. However, like the iPhone, we feel most users will use it for other things. What? We don’t know yet.Who would have thought that we would listen to streaming music on their phone or watch feature length movies on their iPhone? That’s part of the fun of new technology – it really is up to users to see how it works and what it can do.