SXSW 2012 – Day 1

SXSW 2012 – Day 1

 It’s Sunday night here in Austin, Texas, but today (as the sun finally came out) the city came alive. SXSW really is the Easter Show of digital media! We’ve strategically parked the RV in a empty lot next to Google Village, a series of houses that have been converted into bars providing 24×7 free drinks and food. So far we have attended about 8 talks with the highlight being Jeremy Sanchez and Robert Davis from Ogilvy US showing off some solid tips around achieving online video success. A couple of takeouts: use your written script in the description text if it fits, as it relates exactly to the content hence great for search. And almost NO ONE makes it to the end of a YouTube video, so don’t waste your time with a 5 second end frame call to action. People won’t see it. The panel discussion around Fantasy Leagues Football also scored a touch-down, with Bloomberg showing how they adapted their stock market data analysis tools to visualise the data from Baseball statistics. Star Quarterback Greg Jennings from Green Bay Packers was also present to give the NFL players perspective on Fantasy. Amazingly, we heard that 48% of the traffic to is Fantasy League related! The real Frank Abagnale of hit flick ‘Catch Me If You Can’ fame also gave a Keynote presentation on the security of data and internet fraud. While he’s been free for over 17 years from his deal with the FBI, he feels guilty to this day and now works with the FBI. His biggest tip was to use Credit Cards, not Debit, placing the liability in the event of fraud back onto the banks. Aussie’s are abundant; exciting to see how passionate we are as a nation about digital media. Last night was an Aussie catch up with about 15 of us including Ben Cooper, Julian Cole, Adam Good and a few others, hence why I’ve been nursing the hangover today. A couple of quick tips:

1. Plan ahead & turn up early to everything

Without seeing final stats, my guess is there’s at least 20,000 interactive attendees, so the most popular talks fill up quick meaning you need to plan your day well and expect to be waiting in line. Registering on Friday we had around 1,000 people in the line alone

2. Get an RV

So far we have had a blast cruising in the RV, and it’s actually larger than most hotel rooms. Check out to choose your ride. It’s America so take our word for it, ‘biggest IS best’.

3. Don’t buy any beer

We’ve never seen so much free beer! Say the word Google and a beer magically appears in your hand.

More to come tomorrow so stay peeled to our digital channels.