Social Media Gold at IAB

Social Media Gold at IAB

More than 250,000 Gen Y customers joined ‘Samboy is Back’ groups in the 3 months of the Facebook campaign, and millions more were involved through friends status updates, video uploads, wall posts and chip discussions across the social media platforms. As the campaign progressed the rallying power of the people and competitiveness Aussie nature took hold leading to the biggest group reaching over 110’000 members. Having grown the Facebook fan page from zero to 27,000 fans in a few months Pusher then launched a user-generated short ‘Flavour Hit Film Festival’ inviting fans to create short films for Samboy’s YouTube channel. To date there’s been over 350,000 views of the films on YouTube, check our favourites here.

Thank you to all Pusher crew and all the fans of Samboy who supported the campaign that’s brought us the IAB Award. Here’s to our next appearance on the awards stage and the chip with the flavour that hits. Cheers!


by: mike