Pusher takes the stage at TEDx Sydney Satellite Event

Pusher takes the stage at TEDx Sydney Satellite Event


Sixteen extraordinary Australians took to the Opera House stage yesterday to share their stories and spread new ideas and thinking to the world. From the great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, to a champion kick boxer, this year’s themes were explored with great enthusiasm.

At the Publicis Group TEDx Sydney satellite event there was a little kickboxing going on of our own as two panel members from the Pusher team battled questions from the audience and event MC and General Manager of Razorfish, Ben Mooney.

Pusher’s Social Media lead Alex Watts took a panel position along with Senior Developer Konrad Karkos, and while the heated panel discussions ranged from topics like internet piracy to big data, an interesting question asked to the panel of digital passionates was about ‘the agency of the future’ – what would people call them? Would all agencies become ‘digital agencies’, or ‘big data agencies’, and would data rule the way all marketers made their decisions?

Compare the modern marketing and advertising agency of today to the era of Madmen. There’s the obvious things they did back then that are no longer accepted as advertising ‘culture'; smoking at the photocopier, a scotch with a morning debrief, a sexy female EA for every male executive – but another thing that is obviously different is the lack of data, of analytics, the dashboards and predicative data forecasts.

Back then many decisions were made not based on science, but on a gut feeling that something was going to work.

In many cases, of course – data should guide us. But no matter how far beautiful big data of today takes us, let’s hope that digital agencies, data agencies, or whatever agencies of the future will be called, always rely just as much as on the creativity and bravery of people as on data. Just like Don Draper in Madmen, every now and then should CMOs make their marketing decisions with a scotch and their gut instinct?

TEDx Sydney Panel Alex Watts and Konrad Karkos