Pancake Wednesdays

Pancake Wednesdays

WTF Facebook!?

I’m sure that many of you knows that Facebook has done some changes on their site, but maybe you don’t know what the changes actually are. Of course everyone at Pusher wants to be up-to-date and since the last pancake breakfast was a blast, we decided to combine business with pleasure – Pancake Wednesday with Facebook!

Our own Facebook experts Jen and Ryan took us through some really interesting facts about the new changes. Did you know that “tabs” is no longer available on brand pages? That they’ve implement the brand page with a “5 photo stripe”? That the Like-button takes over the Share-button?

There is also some new policy to keep up with that you can find on this page, Facebook – Examples and Explanations, cause you don’t want FB to be mad at you, right?

And just to make you jealous I will inform that the pancakes was so delicious! We really got spoiled this morning with tasty pancakes, muffins, bacon, blueberries, melons, strawberry, apples, juices, sirup, jam and the best honey in the world, we can’t thank¬†Capilano Honey¬†enough for the flowing gold!