This time, success meant saving lives.

We usually measure our campaigns by the uplift in sales of our clients’ products. This time, success meant saving lives. RSPCA Queensland have a major challenge on their hands. Across the state, animal shelters are full to capacity. A growing problem of abandoned pets means that things are at breaking point.

Countering this problem meant launching the first adoption campaign in the RSPCA’s history.

Research showed that there are a couple of hurdles in convincing people to give an RSPCA animal a home. Firstly, many fear that the animal will be ‘damaged’ by its bad experiences. Then there’s the concern that older animals won’t be around long enough to become part of the family.


Speak to any owner, and you’ll instantly know that’s not the case. The dogs, cats, and assorted other animals are amazing creatures that can enrich the lives of everyone they meet. It’s about quality time, not length of time with a pet that matters.

So we set about creating a campaign that demonstrates that RSPCA animals make great pets. Rather than a clever script and skilled actors, we knew the real power of this campaign would be in demonstrating the real stories of how everyday Australians have benefited from bringing an RSPCA pet into their lives.

After searching for true stories, we found Brisbane mechanic, Sam and the Staffie/Kelpie cross, named Darcy that he found at an RSPCA shelter. Making an ad with real people and animals is a high risk strategy, but it was the only way to deliver the power and credibility the campaign deserved.


The result is a moving, 30-second story that has even the toughest viewer’s lip quivering. As well as running on TV, it has screened across local Cinemas, YouTube and on a special microsite that we created as the campaign hub.

Our call to action challenges other RSPCA pet owners to share their story using #myRSPCApet.

Public reaction in the campaign’s first week has been amazing. Online the video has been viewed over 12,000 times on YouTube and over 38,000 times on Facebook, where it has also had 4,855 likes and 731 shares. Over 250 personal stories have been shared on the campaign landing page to reinforce the value of RSPCA pets. And most importantly, over 50 people have expressed interest in adopting an RSPCA pet.

From the team that created the campaign to the people that are viewing it, sharing it and acting on it, this project has brought out the best in everyone.

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