Pusher’s latest monster interactive installation officially launched at Darwin Airport yesterday. Adam Giles, the Northern Territory Minister of Tourism snipped the ribbon in front of TV news cameras and tweeted:

This project’s aim is to educate arriving tourists on crocodile safety, while also helping them make the most of their itineraries while traveling through the Northern Territory. Pusher has been working with Tourism NT on a number of campaigns this year as the integrated Publicis Australia network continues to flex it’s new digital offering.

This innovative build by the Pusher team is the first install of Kinect technology within an Australian airport. Despite incorporating the latest in consumer tech, the project was delivered on time, beyond expectations (and with no small amount of celebration in the NT news). Other notable interactive screen installation projects from Pusher this year include experiential roadshow technology for the automotive and fashion sectors.

“When the installation idea was presented to the Tourism Northern Territory team  ago we all new that bringing together the latest technology from Microsoft Kinect with prehistoric Australian reptilian crocodiles, well, was going to be challenging…” said the project’s creative director, Michael Crebar, “but everything came together as planned, and on time, and the only budget blowout was on an outback Akubra hat to protect some of our sun shy technical developers from the NT rays when we did the install.”

Most of the creative build, user testing and animation was completed in the Sydney office, with the project then being assembled as a multi-screen prototype before the key components were flown up to the NT and plugged in at the airport.

There were definitely challenges, but “we’ve done this before, but not on such a short bee’s dick of a timeline!”. The project’s animation team worked tirelessly to ensure the custom created environment of the Northern Territory outback looked like the real deal, complete with Australian native fauna, and a crocodile styled off one captured in Darwin, “Sweetie” (which the ABC reports as possible the biggest ever captured in the NT).

See it in action:

Channel Nine News broadcasts the launch in a feature segment on Wednesday 9th September.


A Pusher creative technologist ‘hats up’ for the adventure up to Darwin to supervise the install.




You can keep track of the croc (and this experience) on social media through #ntaustralia.