Life at Publicis

Life at Publicis

Publicis Plus Pusher Equals...

It’s been a while since we have written a blog post – things have been hectic since we’ve moved in to Publicis, which was to be expected. But its about time we put some news up to let people know what it’s been like since we’ve made the move.

Just as we thought, there were a lot of digital opportunities straight off the bat so we have basically been in pitch mode since we moved in on the 1st December. This has been exciting and crazy, and we now have the luxury of choosing and prioritising pitches rather than trying to find them. We’ve had some big wins too, which has made it even better (we’ll announce these in the coming weeks).

Culturally the Publicis team has been very welcoming towards us, and it’s been an easy fit in with their team. It’s been exciting to work closely with ‘brand’ lead thinkers at Mojo, exploring how we both work to bringour skills together in developing integrated campaigns.

Moving from an independent agency to become part of a network comes with learning new processes. Being a publicly listed company means we need to report on financial performance much more regularly than we did in the past. However it’s not such a bad thing as we have a great understanding of the business health at any point in time, where in the past we were ‘winging it’ to a certain degree.

Luckily in the same way Pusher viewed our 2 offices as 1 agency, Publicis also takes this approach. However instead of our 30 people we now have a team of several hundred! We have been looking at our own resourcing methods and are now using some pretty cool cloud based technology to manage all the resources across the agency.

Around the same time as we joined the network another great digital services business also joined – Front Foot lead by Ben and Anton. They have been really complimentary to us, specialising in large transformational projects that are very backend heavy. Their team of 15 is made up of around 11 developers, and they specialise in Ruby on Rails which is a great language to build fast, fully bespoke projects, so we are already working together on things. Some of their notable projects include building the new along with ESPN’s Video site ESPN View.

One of the best things for me personally is having some new people around to be inspired from. Andrew ‘Billy’ Baxter, formerly CEO of Ogilvy, is a great leader for the group, and we some seriously smart thinkers including our Chief Strategy Officer, Iona Macgregor recently coming over from the hotshop agency Marcel in Paris. After running your own agency for 10 years, it’s great to get some fresh inspiration and perspectives from other passionate leaders.

We are working on some big things here at the moment which are very exciting but not quite ready to be publicly spoken about so stay tuned. I think the next few years are going to be fun times for us as a group. We will continue growing our digital capabilities and continually pushing innovation from new strategic approaches through to prototyping technologies and executing new platforms and campaigns for progressive clients. Bring it on!