iPhone 6 HealthKit

iPhone 6 HealthKit

Apple’s Expansion into Wellness Tracking

Coming to Apple’s mobile and tablet devices in iOS 8, this new app – creatively named Health – aims to bring together the wide and wild mobile health ecosystem. Alongside the app, Apple are also launching HealthKit, an API allowing developers to link their apps into the Apple system, and too each other.

Traditionally, products like the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, or Jawbone UP all offer their own systems and software for collecting information. Apple’s decision gives developers the opportunity to link together with a wider system – providing more relevant information through comparison.

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An added bonus for Apple is interest from medical professionals and hospitals, such as the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and Allscripts. Many of these organisations already use iPads as part of their onboarding process, and an Apple-backed-and-supported health solution with plug-and-play API functionality would enable many simple digital solutions.

If successful, Apple’s Health app would be the first widely accessible piece of software that would affect the wellbeing of users in real ways – collating information in a meaningful and understandable hub.

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