If You Build It, They Still Might Not Come

If You Build It, They Still Might Not Come

Improving Facebook Engagement

Some clever like-baiting (via Soap Creative Step One: Make interaction easy, and then ask for it. Trawling through fat chunks of text: too hard. Clicking on links that don’t work properly: supremely irritating. Asking me to interact with a post when I can see the purpose of said post: I. can’t. be. bothered.

Despite the fact that it’s ridiculously easy to waste hours on it, Facebook is a medium that thrives on speed, brevity and simplicity. This means, when posting for your brand you need to get to the point quickly and make sure what you want from your fans is clear. It might seem particularly obvious, or too simple to be worth mentioning, but an alarming number of major brands don’t manage to keep their posts short and to the point.

Arguably, their engagement suffers because of this. Writing posts that are between 80 and 140 characters is a good rule of thumb, as is requesting interaction directly. If you want people to LIKE a post, just ask. (McDonald’s the main page, not the Australian one), Nutella, and Nudie Jeans are examples of brands (large and significantly less large) that apply the rule of clarity and brevity to their benefit.