Cenovis Yummo Adventures


A huge 34% of Aussie kids do not eat the minimum recommended daily number of serves of fruit and vegetables. Cenovis wanted to reach parents and their kids, teaching them the importance of good nutrition and vitamins in a fun and positive way.


Kids think apps are cool. Nearly 70% of kids between 4 and 14 use apps more than seven times per month. Nearly a third of kids now use tablets to get to the internet.

To show kids the benefits of eating well Pusher created Yummo Adventures, a series of games for the tablet (Both iOS and android). The games take kids on an adventure where they learn about “Good Stuff” like the vitamins found in fruit and vegetables.

The games were based on the insight that kids will keep doing things that are fun and challenging. To keep kids paying attention the tasks require fast reactions and plenty of concentration.

Hopefully the games also help parents by taking some of the battle out of mealtimes.


This is far more than an adventure for young kids – it’s a voyage of discovery for the whole Cenovis brand. As their first-ever app, it has paved the way for a brave, new world of interaction with their core, family audience.

Featured on packaging and point of sale, it has given Cenovis vital cut-through in the highly-competitive retail space. And because the adventures promote general health, rather than specific products, it has established Cenovis as a caring, committed family brand.

Two new sequel stories and games are currently under development, making sure that the positive momentum keeps on going. Good stuff!