Apple ditching the YouTube application from OS 6 onwards

Apple ditching the YouTube application from OS 6 onwards

According to New Media Rockstars, Apple has made the monumental decision to remove the YouTube application from new versions of their OS. OS6, currently in testing phase, does not have the application.

Google and YouTube have invested most of their efforts to build their mobile site, while Apple have created (and arguably barely ever updated) the built-in app. The lack of a future app could drive users to the mobile site, (good for Google), stop them using YouTube on their devices (bad for Google) or, for heavy YouTube users, push them to Android operating systems instead. (Bad for Apple).

We all know that the built-in YouTube application for OS could be better. It could be more user-friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. The icon itself is a drab, brown TV instead of the bright colours of the YouTube logo. Perhaps this will pave the way for a better, YouTube-created application downloaded through the App Store, which improves user functionality and just, well, looks better?


The sharing settings on the YouTube OS app are currently almost non-existent. Emailing a link to a video is not the most efficient or effective way to share, and to Tumbl or share on Facebook from the app is currently unheard of. If Google were to create their own app, they would be bound to improve the sharing capabilities. However, if they created their own they could also potentially interlace YouTube and Google Plus to push G+, which may or may not be an positive move in terms of user experience.

This decision seems like an unusual one, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out for the companies involved.

What do you think? Would you prefer a new app, created directly by Google, or would you rather Apple left the YouTube app as is? Will you be able to live without a YouTube app on your phone or tablet? Would you go as far as to change operating systems? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Read more here.