A Look At This Year’s Pusher 6.0

A Look At This Year’s Pusher 6.0

Last weekend both Pusher offices from Sydney and Brisbane united in one of the best work summits I’ve ever attended, Pusher 6.0. This year marks the 6th annual Pusher summit (hence 6.0) which originally began with co-founders Mike and Kim meeting at a pub to share company insights on how they can progress Pusher further. Fast forward to this year with award winning campaigns, stellar clients, two offices, and a passionate team, Pusher 6.0 has evolved into a collective exchange of insights, workshops, and most importantly team bonding. This year’s event took place in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations,Byron Bay, NSW, and the weather did not disappoint. During the first day we took the time to settle into our accommodation, with the team spread across three beautiful houses close to Byron centre, before kicking off our meetings/workshops at ‘HQ’ (The house with the biggest back deck and pool!)


Here’s a breakdown of what we did during our time at Pusher 6.0 summit Getting to know you A 5 minute one on one with a Pusher team member who we wanted to know better. Afterwards, we debriefed the wider team on the interesting facts we learned about that person. Highlights included:

– General Manager and UX Guru Kiri has a background in dance

– Charlie our Senior Producer had a speaking role in two Harry Potter movies (watch out!)

– Account Manager Dave Flynn loves cats (a fairly common trait amongst Pusher peeps)

– A certain Pusher (who will remain unnamed) once sported a rats tail back in the day



Pusher past, present, and future Talking about Pusher’s past, present, and future was key to the Pusher 6.0 experience. The management team talked about the agency’s genesis and journey, the challenges and outstanding successes of the year that was, and shared their exciting vision for the future. Most importantly, we all had a chance to stand back and take stock of how much Pusher has grown in the last 12 months, and talk about where we’re going. We can’t wait to share all the great stuff we have in store.

Strategy Chat

With the new addition of our Head Strategist Juha, strategic direction for clients and the agency was a hot topic at Pusher 6.0. We talked about what strategy is, the benefits, and discussed the digital tools that can help us formulate and execute an effective strategy. It was a great way to get all departments including account management, production, project management and creative across the strategic process.

Miami Vice – 80’s theme night

Pusher 6.0 wouldn’t have been complete without a fun night out with the team, 80’s style. Take a look at some of my favourite pics from the night. You can also search for #Pusher6 hashtag on Instagram to find our picture stream from the past few days.


Pusher 6.0 not only brought us together but also strengthened us as an agency, motivating each and every member of the team to do great work and achieve World Firsts.

Props to all those who took a jump with Pusher 6.0 (literally).