3.. 2.. 1.. Launch

At zero hundred hours EST on December 31st, 2010 Google launched their Google Lunar X competition. The Google Lunar X challenge? Be the first privately funded agency to land a robot on the Moon. Explore its surface. Then send images back to Earth. First one to succeed wins $30 million dollars. A few hours later Pusher launched the PusherBOT project.  Our challenge? Create the world’s first remotely controlled agency rover! Affectionately know as PusherBOT, our digital agency rover will allow people to visit the ‘About Us’ page on our site then take control of the robot rover via the internet and explore Pusher, meet staff, and check out daily action in the studio.



This has been a project we started about 6 months ago first sourcing the components from Japan and the USA and then learning all we could about robot rovers and the future from the experts.  It’s been a challenge for our developers but now that the custom controls are in PusherBOT is ready to roll! Stay tuned, we’ll begin the countdown soon.

(T-minus…. and counting).